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$20 Liberty Gold Coin

$20 Liberty Gold Coin
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$20 Liberty Coins at Spot Plus $99! 

Over 100 Year Old Legal Tender U.S. Gold Coins!

       Historic * Intrinsic Value * Collectible

These hefty U.S. gold coins were born out of the California Gold Rush.  Due to the volume of gold being mined in California, the U.S. Treasury needed to mint large coins to consume the excess metal on hand. The $20 Liberty gold coins were authorized by Congress in 1849 and were struck until 1907; an era when our money was tangible and meant something. In 1900 one of these $20 gold coins would buy a nice, custom tailored men's suit in New York City. Today a U.S. $20 bill will buy you a pack of tube socks at Walmart.

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