El Cazador Shipwreck Coins Lot of 5

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In January of 1784, the economy in Spain's Louisiana colony was faltering. The King of Spain decided to send the warship El Cazador to Vera Cruz, Mexico to be loaded up with 450,000 pieces of silver to trade with worthless paper money and shore up the sagging economy. The ship encountered a violent storm just 50 miles from its destination and sank. Spain never recovered its losses and had to eventually give the territory to France in 1800. Three years later, the French sold it to the United States. That was the Louisana Purchase!
These historic coins lay at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico for over 200 years until 1993, when a fisherman snagged his nets on something solid... perhaps some rocks. When he brought up his nets, it was not rocks that fell from his nets onto the dock... it was dozens of silver coins. Coins from the El Cazador. The wreck that changed the World.