Sabino Art Deco Monumental Chandelier

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Sabino Art Deco Monumental Chandelier.  Spectacular and Rare, Round French Art Deco Ceiling Chandelier. His chandeliers, which were often monumental in size, were made to compliment the architecture of the day. Chandeliers are a great way to complete your room's decor. Sabino created an opalescent glass with a blue hue and iridescent impressions of either clouds in a blue sky, light striking a soap bubble or a reflection from water surface. Apart from the chandeliers, he created a multitude of vases and decorative objects, making great use of his expertise as a sculptor. In particular, busts and statues of women, and an exceptionally large range of animals with stylized features-sometimes in extraordinary large sizes. For example, in 1931 he created a large fish in a limited edition, two of which were bought by Josephine Baker and Maurice Chevalier.