Quezal Jack in the Pulpit

Price: $11,950.00

Quezal Jack in the Pulpit Vase displays a rainbow of vivid iridescent colors such as green, gold, pink, blue, and ivory. Vase is in great condition with no chips or cracks. Bottom is signed Quezal K 805 on the polished pontil. Measures 9" h by 6 1/4" w. c. 1900 Quezal Art Glass and Decorating Company, Brooklyn, New York (1901-1925) In 1901, a disgruntled Tiffany Glass employee, Martin Bach (1865-1924), left Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company to set up his own glass house in Brooklyn. Bach had been hired by Tiffany in 1894 as his first mixer in the Corona plant. He had worked during the early, experimental years and had learned the ingredients used in Tiffany's glass melts and lustering compounds. Bach was joined by Thomas Johnson, also a former Tiffany worker, who had been trained as a glass blower at Tiffany's. He went on to reproduce the forms and designs he had learned there. The new firm was named Quezal after the quetzal bird, known for its multi-colored plumage. Early advertisements compared their lustered glassware to the brilliant feathers of this bird. As Quezal Art Glass expanded, it hired more ex-Tiffany workers. It is not surprising that Quezal ware differed little from the Tiffany line. No new techniques or designs were ever to emerge from the firm. Martin Bach died in 1924 to be succeeded by his son, Martin Bach, Jr., who had joined the firm in 1918. For some time previous to Bach, Sr. 's death, Quezal Art Glass had been floundering, and by 1925 it was forced to close up shop completely.