Louis Palafoutas

Louis Palafoutas
Chief Operating Officer


Louis Palafoutas was Head of Operations at Tangible Investments and later when Tangible acquired Superior Galleries, he was Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer. He later co-founded Morgan Gold and and successfully sold his stake in that firm to rejoin Tangible Investments. At today’s market value, Mr. Palafoutas has sold or traded nearly half a billion dollars in precious metals and rare coins.

Well known and respected in the industry for his integrity and professionalism, Louis began developing the expertise needed to connect with clients and at a very early age.

Louis began his association with Gold bullion and rare coins at the age of 25, when he relocated from Orange County to Los Angeles after accepting a position as a bullion trader in Beverly Hills with A-Mark Precious Metals. This presented him with an invaluable opportunity, as he began building and perfecting his knowledge of all aspects of rare and precious metals.

Louis quickly advanced to Industrial Marketing, opening an office in the jewelry district in downtown Los Angeles where he supplied gold to the manufacturing community and eventually expanded into the jewelry industry for large manufacturers with both offshore and domestic facilities where he produced annual sales in excess of 100 million dollars.

By 1998, Louis had developed an online proficiency that allowed him to create Vintage Roadshow where he gained a vast knowledge of rare coins, jewelry, diamonds, art, antiques and collectibles while establishing a solid background in auctions and the process of creating, conducting and settling auctions, all the while, developing an extraordinary knowledge of eBay at every level, and establishing some of the largest selling accounts in its history.

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