Whether you're searching for a timeless investment piece or you're looking to make a fashion statement, Investment Grade Fine Jewelry is an asset you can wear. An investment in physical Gold doesn't necessarily have to be in the form of coins or bars, it may also come in the form of a beautiful piece of fine jewelry. Invest in quality and you will get the most for your investment. Gold and Silver, in any form, including jewelry, is a hedge against inflation that can also be worn and enjoyed, as compared to other investment options.

Investment Grade Gold jewelry should contain a high percentage of pure Gold and it should come from a well-known designer such as Cartier, Tiffany, Harry Winston or Bill Pearlman, these are exceptionally valuable. These items are valued well above the price of the Gold they contain, due to their superior craftsmanship, unique design or age. At Tangible Investments, our expert advisors know the finest quality stones and the perfect settings to compliment your long term investment.

Buying Gold jewelry as an investment will help to preserve your wealth over the longer term, and generally for many decades to come. Fine jewelry is an excellent way to pass wealth down to heirs in a form that has not only monetary value, but artistic and sentimental value as well. Many individuals will buy fine jewelry just to enjoy their wealth, rather than locking it unseen in a bank vault, while still others invest in Gold jewelry to make their wealth portable. No matter which investor type you may be, Tangible Investments promises to have the perfect piece to match.

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