Curt Mease

Curt MeaseCurt Mease
Senior Buyer

Tangible Investments Senior Buyer Curt Mease is right where he wants to be. Though born and raised in the Greater Lehigh Valley area of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Curt now treasures the outdoor life of southern California, traveling the U.S. for various trade shows and coin collections, and working alongside Tangible CEO and Founder Silvano DeGenova. But, his first love has always been coins and collectibles.

Curt started collecting coins in high school, after trading his grade school stamp collection for an 1834 U.S. Half Eagle. His career with coins and collectibles began in his teens, as soon as he was old enough to drive to local antique markets and trading events and set up tables for business. Before and during college, Curt worked for a coin exchange in Allentown, Pennsylvania and for a local metallurgist, recovering and processing precious metals. After graduation, he temporarily changed professional direction, working as an annuity specialist for the Guardian Insurance & Annuity Company, an independent registered investment advisor with Mass Mutual Financial Group, and a financial consultant for PNC Bank.

But Curt’s original passion for coins and collectibles came back strong in 2005, while attending a trade show in Baltimore, Maryland. It was there Curt became reacquainted with well-known numismatist Silvano DiGenova, whom he had first met in the 1980s. The Baltimore encounter led DiGenova to offer Curt a job at Superior Galleries in Beverly Hills, where DiGenova was then CEO. With Curt’s acceptance came the move that took him from his small, home town in Pennsylvania to sunny SoCal. After DiGenova’s highly profitable sale of Superior Galleries in 2007, Curt followed DiGenova to Newport Beach to assist in opening Tangible Investments’ original gallery and to serve as its General Manager. Today, Curt relishes the narrower focus of being Senior Buyer at Tangible’s newest location in Laguna Beach.

In his free time, Curt enjoys hiking, biking, and other outdoor sports and volunteering with racing Greyhound rescue groups. He has a B.A. in financial economics from Moravian College, a post-baccalaureate degree in accounting from Muhlenberg College, and will soon complete his MBA through Phoenix University.

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