Auction Services:

  • Live auctions performed by Tangible Investments, Inc.
  • Internet auctions at Invaluable, Property Room,,, and eBay
  • Auction representation at all major auctions, whether buying or selling

Coin Grading:

Tangible Investments, Inc. is owned and operated by world-renowned coin expert Silvano DiGenova, who has been in the coin buying and selling business for more than 30 years. Dr. DiGenova is not only a co-founder of the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS)--the largest, most prestigious service for evaluating and grading coins—but single-handedly designed the standard that is used by PCGS and the entire rare coin industry. At Tangible Investments, our staff has all the credentials and a combined 200 years experience in the coin biz. We know all the secrets and are fully transparent with our buy-sell prices. Contact us to arrange for a top expert to grade your coins and provide you with a FREE written appraisal of their worth. As the leading coin dealership in southern California and one of the nation’s most respected firms, we guarantee to give you the “real deal” on your tangible items.

Consign / Auction:

When it comes to rare coins, jewelry, fine art and antique auctions, Tangible Investments, Inc. is your one-stop source. Our company founder and president, Silvano DiGenova, has literally traded hundreds of millions of dollars via auctions. As the former CEO of Superior Galleries of Beverly Hills, Mr. DiGenova led a team of professionals at the oldest and largest rare coin auction house in California. In 2005, the State of California entrusted him to be the official auctioneer for unclaimed property with a two-year contract.

The staff at Tangible Investments is also well versed in the production of quality live auctions, having experience and training at several world-famous auction houses, such as Sotheby’s, Bowers and Merena, and Heritage Auctions. Award winning catalogers and specialists in the areas of rare coins, art and antiques make up our highly qualified team.

In addition, Tangible Investments buys and sells at all major auction houses throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. We have a constant presence at auction firms such as Bonhams, Sotheby’s, Christie’s, IM Chait, Heritage, Stack’s Bowers, and many others. Due to the sheer volume of our auction business, we are afforded special rates and incentives rarely offered to individuals. Whether buying or selling, it is in your financial best interest to speak with us first. We will select the proper venue for you, and provide you with a settlement package far better than you would receive by dealing directly with any major auction house.

Consignment Sales:

If you have ever bought or sold collectibles at auction then you are aware of the fact that auction houses charge from 5% to 20% on both sides of the transaction. Because Tangible Investments transacts tens of millions of dollars per year with all of the major auction firms, we receive special rates not available to most individual buyers and sellers.

Usually your best bet is to sell to us outright. However, there are times when a major auction is the best venue for exceptional rarities. By consigning your valuables to Tangible Investments and allowing us to serve as your representative, you will net more at settlement time than by dealing directly with a major auction house. Not only will we guide you to the best venue, we will also share in our discounts so that you maximize the return on your valuables when it is time to sell.

Free Appraisals:

If you are interested in selling your gold, silver, rare coins, diamonds, art or antiques, you need to contact Tangible Investments. Our staff has over 200 years combined experience in the collectibles market and has transacted over $2 BILLION in the last 30 years! Since we are seasoned experts at what we do, you can rest assured your item will be identified properly so you receive its true value. Also, we encourage you to do your homework by shopping around and collecting as many bids as possible. Why? Because we want you informed, so you’ll KNOW we’re the highest buyer.

Plus, at Tangible Investments, we’re always transparent with our buy and sell prices. We give you a written offer or arrange for an immediate purchase on the spot, then tell you what we’ll list the item for in our gallery. Our buy-sell spread is small, which means you get top dollar.

So, what are you waiting for? Getting an appraisal from the best experts in the business is always FREE and convenient with Tangible Investments, Inc. Call 888-655-9255 and ask to speak with an appraisal expert or simply stop by our gallery. Or, you can even arrange for our Senior Buyer to come to you at your home or office. We respect your privacy and are happy to make getting your appraisal as fast, easy, and comfortable as possible.

Guest Speaker:

Are you planning a special event and would like an informative, entertaining guest speaker? Tangible Investments, Inc. offers guest speakers for your special events on a wide range of topics, such as rare coins, fine art, antiques, Tiffany lamps, the precious metals market, and much more. Contact us using the form on this page and let us know your goals and objectives. For certain local events, we offer this service free of charge. National guest appearances are available at a negligible fee. Contact us today to learn more!

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