Classic U.S. Coin Rarities

Classic U.S coin raritieswhich are historically important, artistically beautiful and technically very rare, minted between 1792-1933, offer a truly outstanding investment opportunity. The prices of these true American treasures, like all great works of art, have skyrocketed over the past decades and are accelerating as demand increases and the supply continually shrinks.

Some of these coins date back to the colonial period, the gold rush, and the U.S. Civil War. In the case of early coinage minted from 1794 to 1803, these coins could have been held and spent by great historical figures like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and the rest of the men and women who fought for the nation’s independence and designed our government. These coins from the very beginnings of our great nation represented a monetary “calling card” to the world proclaiming our independence. A specific historic example handled by Tangible Investment Galleries was the 1794 silver dollar pictured above in uncirculated condition that we sold for $400,000 in 2001 and that the owner resold in 2005 for $1,150,000. A gain of 187.5% in four years, over 29% compounded annually.

This is not the exception as we have placed many great rarities that appreciated spectacularly over time. In some cases yielding returns of 20-100% in just a few years and in others holding value in rapidly deteriating times. During stock market crashes in the last decade, coins have overall appreciated significantly and rarities selected by Tangible Investments have done even better.

But assembling a collection of great significance with the potential for great financial appreciation as well as pride of ownership and the envy of your peers does require several key elements.

First, is knowledge in this arena of exclusive rarities. Only a handful can boast the knowledge to select and deal with proficiency. Second, the opportunity must be available. Again, this depends on the individuals and firm chosen to locate coins (and in many cases the availability on the market) and finally, the capital to make such an acquisition or series of acquisitions.

At Tangible we have a team of experts that is second to none! Our staff with more than 200 years combined experience and having transacted more than $2 Billion in total sales (total staff and companies controlled or run by Silvano DiGenova) are uniquely qualified to serve you. We can assemble the finest collection of coin rarities or help with precious metals acquisition or conversion of an IRA to precious metals IRA.

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