Antiques make great investments for long term estates and for individuals with money to put aside for the longer term. Much like an investment in jewelry, antiques will allow you to enjoy an item as it appreciates in value over the years. We at Tangible Investments encourage investors seeking to find suitable antiques for longer term investing to visit our showroom regularly either online or in person, where an expert is available to answer any questions you may have.

Owning an antique allows an investor to own a piece of history made by someone like silversmith Paul Revere, or Froment-Meurice. Fine Art and antiques are two tangible investments that will not only grow in value but can also grace your home and be enjoyed in the meantime. And if it should turn out that you have an eye for value and a long enough holding period, you may even see some excellent returns. Porcelain is another popular collectible, also known as china for its country of origin. English china, by makers such as Spode and Royal Dalton is also highly collectible and widely popular.

Our antiques experts at Tangible Investments can help you identify key markings on specific items. Porcelain marks and Silver hallmarks, for example, can reveal information about the origin and maker of an item, and when they are scarce, they are subject to rise in value with an accompanying increase in demand. So, whether you are buying or selling fine antiques, you must visit Tangible Investments and allow our staff of experts to assist you.

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